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Question? Found a bug? Need to get in touch with us? All this and additional information like a changelog you will find on the page. Have a look at the WordPress versions we tested the parent theme with.

Compatibility, WordPress and Browser support

WordPress Version:

3.4.x – 3.5

Browser support:


PHP & MySQL, see:


Our goal is to make sure that required+ Foundation works in most environments, if something doesn’t work in your environment, please check that you meet the minimum requirements and report your PHP, MySQL and Webserver version when creating an issue on GitHub.


WordPress is free software and licensed under the GPLv2 and later. Foundation is licensed under the MIT license, therefore the parts from Foundation are under MIT and all the other stuff including our custom code to knit both systems together go under GPLv2 or later. Enjoy and create something awesome!

Frequently Asked Questions

The docs and blog posts can’t answer all your questions, that’s for sure. Before sending us an email please have a look at the FAQ below.

How is required+ related with ZURB?

Ohh you asked the hard one first, but ok! We are not related with ZURB, beside sharing a passion to make the web a better place and that our co-founder Karin did her masters project with them.

What is the theme name? Required or required+ or required+ Foundation?

You might saw us or rather the theme mentioned in a blog post elsewhere as Required or required+, but required+ is actually our company name and therefore the theme goes by the name required+ Foundation. Less confused? Great, now carry on!

A new version of Foundation is out, how long will it take you to update?

We try to not be behind of course, but some minor fixes sometimes slip through. Updating to a newer version usually takes not more than a few days. So be sure to check back with us.

Foundation uses SCSS, why don’t you do it too?

No worries, we are working on it and once we can make it stable and sexy, be sure to get it.

Why isn’t required+ Foundation in the official themes directory?

At the moment this is not a goal for us and the current version isn’t compliant with the WordPress theme guidelines (only few minor issues though). What rather comes first, is a version that includes auto update from within your WordPress install, stay tuned.

I have Plugin X and it doesn’t work with your theme!

Stay calm and relax, now deactivate the plugin to make sure it’s a compatibility issue. If it is one, please report it and we will have a look, if it’s a commonly used plugin and the plugin code has certain standards.

Hey I saw feature X in theme Y, can you add it too?

Nope! We try to stick closely to what Foundation offers and therefore can’t add random features, sorry.

There is a JavaScript, HTML, CSS problem – please help.

Of course we’ll try to help you, but make sure you are familiar with the Foundation Docs before bothering us, with a question that is already answered there.

I prefer Bootstrap over Foundation, can you build a theme?

Nope! We do like Bootstrap, it’s (almost) equally awesome as Foundation and there are already fantastic WordPress themes out there like BootstrapWP.

Where to find help

Haven’t found an answer to your question yet? Here are some additional ressources for you to find help regarding tweaking, fixing or implementing with required+ Foundation.

GitHub issues

As our code lives on GitHub, please use the issues to create bug reports regarding things that might be broken in the parent theme or the shortcode plugins. We appreciate your help in fixing bugs and try to address your issues as fast as possible.

Comments on the blog

As we keep using required+ Foundation to build sites, we write tutorials and how to guides from time to time. Suggestions for stuff you try to implement and just don’t know how are always welcome.


Be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest updates and other great ressources. We try to respond quickly and be as helpful as possible.

Get in touch through email

No luck in finding a solution so far? You can send us an email and we will try to respond within a few days.

The Changelog

Changes happen constantly and as we are developing the theme and the plugins, you will find what changed below and of course you can download older version if for some reason you have to.

required+ Foundation parent theme

1.0.10 – March 22th 2013

See what has changed in required+ Foundation and in required+ Starter.

1.0.9 – March 11th 2013
  • Added Italian (Italian) it_IT translation from Paolo
  • Included pull request from gilkudik to improve required_posted_on and TinyMCE styles drop down
  • required+ Starter Fixed a bug in functions.php that prevented child theme from loading proper translation files

1.0.8 – February 24th 2013
  • Added Dutch (Netherlands) nl_NL translation from Ilyes
  • Fixed a bug in the custom walker class that prevented li.divider from working
  • Fixed a bug in the nav-top-bar.php, closes issue 20

1.0.7 – February 15th 2013
  • Added French (French) fr_FR translation from Fabrice
  • Added Spanish (Spanish) es_ES translation from gilkudik
  • Added CSS classes support on li.divider in Top Bar
  • required+ Starter Typo fixed for the Orbit filters
  • required+ Foundation Orbit Shortcode Typo fixed for the Orbit filters

1.0.6 – January 30st 2013
  • Updated to Foundation 3.2.5
  • Magellan is now active again, because ZURB fixed it

1.0.5 – January 17th 2013
  • Updated to Foundation 3.2.4
  • Added Portuguese (Brazilian) pt_BR translation from Raphael Suzuki
  • Added draft of the German de_DE translation
  • Added a new filter required_filter_post_class to fix issues with the .sticky classname
  • Disabled the magellan call in app.js as there is an issue getting fixed in 3.2.5

1.0.4 – December 5th 2012
  • Found more old textdomains, removed them
  • Improved code readability in a file

1.0.3 – December 4th 2012
  • Fixed wrong and missing textdomain from old version in comments.php, etc.

1.0.2 – November 23rd 2012
  • Removed a filter to create figure elements from images, didn’t work properly with plugins

1.0.1 – November 19th 2012
  • Added screenshot.png, Favicon and Apple touch icons

1.0.0 – November 18th 2012 (hooray!)
  • Bumped version to 1.0.0
  • Added filter req_comment_button_classes to filter classes on comment button