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We discontinue development of the required+ Foundation theme – here is why.×

Hey it’s been a while since our last update and we are already too late to welcome you to the new year. We have been busy with holidays, support emails and issues on GitHub. We want to thank the people who picked required+ Foundation and blogged about it, wrote comments, issues, emails and sent code – Thank you!

People talking about required+ Foundation

In the past couple weeks word spread about our parent theme for WordPress based on Foundation and we received quite some traffic from ZURB’s Responsive entry and the comprehensive article on the framework with the nerdy blue Yeti by Sarah Gooding.

Furthermore Zhen Huang wrote a post about Reverie and our shortcode plugins, apparently they work with his theme as well. For you guys who speak German, Sergej Müller wrote about required+ Foundation in his fantastic Our friend Noel said:

Thank you all for giving it a spin!

Available translations

With the 1.0.5 release of required+ Foundation we added the first draft of the German translation files and thanks to Raphael Suzuki the Portuguese (Brazilian) translation.

Somebody is already working on the French translation and in case you translated required+ Foundation into your native language please get in touch and consider sharing it with all of us.

State of 1.1.0 development

We decided to slow down and wait for Foundation 4 to be released. ZURB also gives a sneak peek on a SCSS mixin in the next release. This week we will release 1.0.6, shipping with Foundation 3.2.5 so stay tuned.

Before I forget: What would make this site, the home of required+ Foundation, even better?

Getting started with required+ Foundation

The required+ Foundation parent theme is a powerful responsive WordPress theme that gets you started in no time. Read the docs, download the theme and create something awesome.

Download required+ Foundation »

29 thoughts on “Getting love and praise – thank you!

  1. You deserve all the praise (… well, you and Zurb ;) ). This is a very cool project and is helping me a lot with my html+css+WordPress skills.

    As to what could make the site even better, maybe some kind of search. And/or a site map. Navigation through current menus isn’t very clear, which is due to using different nav bars.

    • Thank you Alvaro, we will consider your inputs for the next release of this website. Not sure wether the crappy WordPress search could be any help here, but some updates on the navigation could help a lot, that’s for sure.

  2. Benjino on said:

    I used the class=”panel in the columns but the text does not flow inside the column/panel. You have to make your own breaks and even then it won’t adjust/flow with the screen size changes. I’m putting the text in between the short tags as you are… [column columns="10" offset="1" class="panel radius"] Copy text here [/column]

    • Benjino on said:

      I have the column plugin installed and activated along with all of the other plugins required has created, but text does not flow within a column, it just flows in a single line right off the right side of the page. I’m doing this… [column columns="12"] Text here [/column]

  3. I’m having issues with keeping the top-bar staying on top, when I go to the blog page the top-bar disappears and the regular nav-bar appears under the title of the blog post with the drop downs exposed ?
    I set the blog page to the ‘off-canvas’ template but that doesn’t seem to help, any suggestions? New to WP and Foundation in general


    • As you can see in your child themes header.php we load the nav-top-bar.php only when the page template is set to page-templates/off-canvas-page.php. Setting a static front-page and blog page in your settings does take an effect, but the blog page still listens to index.php or home.php if you have them in the theme. Therefore you would have to change the header.php file to always use the nav-top-bar as the navigation. See the custom header.php I created for you to always use the Foundation Top Bar.

  4. @Silvan Hagen,

    Thanks so much, that did the trick, and I learned something along the way, required + foundation WP-Theme is the best because of the team behind it! Keep rockin’ them out guys and gals :)

  5. Sylvan, I do have some questions, I downloaded the code for the custom front page ( the one on your blog with the orbit slider) and it’s not showing up in the template drop down? also I enabled all the plugins and it’s not doing anything when I add [orbit] to the page.

    If it helps I am developing locally on a mac and not using MAMP, although I am tempted to switch back to MAMP because I am getting weird (“you have to enable permissions to make changes to this file” ) in the editor when I try to make simple changes to the pages?

    Any help would be most appreciated. I am pretty new to theme development, usually just make my own themes, but was suggested to make child themes because they are easier. Well I am not finding that it is easy, in fact it’s easier for me to create a theme from scratch lol

    Thanks so much


  6. Richard on said:

    Wow, I recently discovered the Foundation framework and Required+. And I’m impressed and very gratefull for the work you guys have put into integrating this into a WP theme! I love the less = more approach you’ve taken over the Theme options.

    Looking forward to the 1.1.0 release!


    • Thank you for your kind words Richard, glad you like required+ Foundation. We just started working on the 1.1.0 release and it’s going to be huge. We keep you posted here.

  7. Marcus on said:


    Great to stumble upon this. Seems a lot odd people are liking this theme!

    I’m wondering what is the roadmap and timescale to integrate Foundation 4 goodies in the next release, and what are you including? As I’m aware things like grid naming has changed among other things..


    • Thanks for your feedback Marcus, we just started working on the 1.1.0 release with Foundation 4. We will let you choose to use the CSS or SCSS version with required+ Foundation 1.1.0 and therefore an exact timeframe can’t be named yet, we strive for 2-4 weeks till it all works smoothly as we have to redo a lot with the changes in Foundation 4.

  8. Wow! Thanks for making it possible to use the Foundation framework within WordPress without any headaches! I have looked at a few options for responsive web frameworks and your project has been a great help. Appreciate the work you have put in! This has been the starting point for a new project which so far is looking good on many devices! Cheers!

    • Thanks for asking, I’ve been very busy the last couple weeks. Development didn’t stop though and I just pushed release candidates of both required+ Foundation and required+ Starter to GitHub. While both release candidates might still have some flaws, it would be great if you gave them a spin and let me know what you think. I’m going to publish a post about the release candidates later this week with more information.

  9. Hi Silvan

    Been following the thread on GitHub closely. Nice to see some progress, really great work! Especially as you are working on day job projects at the same time. Everyone i`m sure appreciates it, and looks forward to trialing the new build!

    Big thanks


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