We discontinue development of the required+ Foundation theme – here is why.×

The last post is more than two months old, yet we didn’t step back. We kept releasing updated versions of required+ Foundation, including many great translations and bug fixes from contributors around the world and we gave Foundation 4 and SCSS some good thinking.

First of all, I owe you an apology for remaining silent on this blog for so long. My day job just took too much of my time and I didn’t have the time to write a tutorial or some other news. The good news though, we are almost done with required+ Foundation 1.1.0 and the huge upgrade to Foundation 4 and SCSS (no worries, vanilla CSS is still supported).

required+ Foundation 1.1.0 Release Candidates

Hooray, the release candidates for both, the themes and the plugins are available on GitHub for you to play around with and get a feel of Foundation 4. You can download each piece using the links below:


How to use it

You might remember our roadmap for 1.1.0 and how we wanted to use wp-sass in the next release to enable SCSS, well over the course of developing 1.1.0, we ditched the wp-sass and choose to integrate SCSS the Foundation 4 way.

What about vanilla CSS?

As mentioned above we still support using good ol’ CSS, simply add your custom styles and overwrites to the styles.css.

Few more things

Foundation 4 ditched IE8 support, but keeps supporting F3. We decided to keep supporting required+ Foundation prior 1.1 (using F3) too. This website needs an overhaul to reflect the changes once required+ Foundation 1.1 is out, please be patient or offer your help updating the site. Ohh I gave a talk about Developing for WordPress in March, you might find the presentation useful.

Special thanks to the wonderful people on GitHub, lending me a hand and some brainpower to bring Foundation to WordPress, namely gilkudik, jasonkendall, jprberlin and of course our team at required+ – thanks guys, you rock!

Please check out the RC versions, play around with them and send me some feedback, ask questions and let me know what you think.

29 thoughts on “required+ Foundation 1.1.0 RC

  1. Hello Silvan
    Trying to compile SASS using CodeKit, I’m getting the following error – I guess I miss something here:

    Compass was unable to compile one or more files in the project:

    LoadError on line 161 of /Applications/Utilities (Others)/CodeKit.app/Contents/Resources/engines/compass/bin/../lib/compass/configuration/data.rb: no such file to load — zurb-foundation
    Run with –trace to see the full backtrace

    Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

    • Ariane on said:

      @mmj Do not use the internal compilers of Codekit but set them to
      Sass > Advanced compiler settings > usr/bin/sass
      Compass > Advanced compiler settings > usr/bin/compass
      in de Codekit preferences
      Or do not use Codekit and set compass to watch your project

  2. Firstly, great news on the release!

    Secondly, I create my projects locally using MAMP, and I have Codekit. I was wondering what would be the easiest way to set up my development environment using these tools and have Codekit watch my projects?

    Many Thanks


  3. “The final release should be ready in about a week…”
    Level 5 end-boss Hagen – 2nd May 2013

    Any updates chaps? Just about to start a new project and was hoping to use required+ as a parent theme. I’d rather not start if a new release is immanent. Either way, thanks for sharing this awesome project. I’ll be sure to overcharge my clients for all your hard work :-)

    • Hey Bob, the end-boss I’m fighting isn’t code sadly, but time. You could always use the 1.0.10 release as we still support the F3 version or go with the latest RC using F4 as this one is going to be the final release of 1.1.0, but it will take us a while to update the docs here, that’s why we didn’t mark it final yet.

  4. Hi :)

    I’ve installed the RC onto my wordpress site. I really love the code and the way it works. You’ve done a fantastic job!

    I’ve got a problem though, and I wonder if you can give me some advice. When I load a page on my site, it has slowed down *so much* since installing Required starter. The page loads and then freezes, sometimes for 20-30 seconds.

    The code is all the same as it was when I used my old theme. I think it is related to JavaScript.

    If you look at my site here, does anything obvious stand out that might explain why it’s so slow?

    I have changed bits of CSS while I learn more about Foundation, but I’ve not added any more JS etc. If you can look and help, I will really appreeciate it :)

  5. Silvan…..

    After a lot of research I decided to base my future WP development work on Required+. I have time to learn it and wait for the 1.1.0 release with F4 support so I’m just studying away.

    I’m a great documentation writer. Google me if you want to see some of the 50+ books I’ve had published over the years. I’d love to help with docs if I can. I’m sort of semi-retired so I have a bit of time on my hands for a fun project where I could learn this amazing framework more deeply while giving something back.

  6. Fabrice on said:

    Hello Sylvan,
    Great themes again !
    This is just not easy at all to set with compass in the terminal and (at least for me!) still impossible to set with codekit !
    Any hints ?
    Thank you !

  7. Martin on said:

    You guys are doing some great work!
    Are you continuing? Just want to ask, because it got a little bit silent.
    We all know how hard it is to spent his spare time for such a project!

    • Thank you Martin, yes we are still working on this project, it’s just that at the moment none of us has more than a few hours a week to spare on the new F4 docs, that’s why there is nothing new coming out yet. You could go ahead and try working with the RC versions you’ll find on GitHub, or use the still supported current version.

  8. Hi there,
    I love required+ and the simplicity of it – I want to use to reset my homepage. Therefore I’ve installed the RC version (it’s based on foundation 4, right?) – and now I ran into some trouble e.g. I don’t get the “large-block-grid-3 small-block-grid-2” to work …
    On a test site (http://workshop.project22.org/responsive2.html), based purely on Foundation 4 without WordPress it works – only in Required I somehow don’t manage.

    So – the question is: Could this problem be part of Required? Shall I wait for the “real” release with Foundation 4 in background?

    THANKS so much

  9. I am using the older Foundation 3 theme of you guys, which is already great!! Looking forward to see the new version!

    Keep up the good work!

    • Matt Price on said:

      Hey Slilvan & team, just wondering if I should be switching to foundaiton 4 for my classes this year! is this branch working pretty well at the moment, or should I stick with foundaiton 3?

      thanks, Matt

      • Hey Matt, thanks for asking. The Foundation 4 version is almost ready the way it is, you would just have to update Foundation using bundler as shown on the Foundation site itself, but sadly we can’t update the Docs on our site to Foundation 4 yet. Foundation 3 is still supported by both ZURB and us, as it offers IE8 support out of the box.

        • Hi – as a follow up question by a noob – I’ve realized that Zurb has updated some parts of Foundation – so I wondered if I could just update those files in my required themes?
          E.g. the various javascripts for Orbit or the foundation stylesheets?


          • Hey Flo, yes ZURB released a bunch of new things that we didn’t cover up yet in our release candidates. Sorry for that, I just have no spare time left at the moment. You could however update the assets yourself by using the method described under Upgrading existing Compass projects over at Foundation Docs.

            Let me know if it works for you.

  10. uufff – I had a look – but I have to admit – this seems to advanced for me, for now.
    From my beginner’s perspective – I’m very happy, that someone (YOU) did the awesome job of integrating the Foundation “stuff” into a theme+child, that I can than work with.

    so, thanks for that – no worries about the time, I’ll just work with what I have and later sometime update …

  11. Hi Silvan,

    Any news on when the Required themes will go through updates. Foundation 4 has grown massively since April with what seems to be big improvements and bug fixes. About a start a huge project and would love to use your starter theme as a point of reference, just feel it’s not being kept up to date which makes me wonder if I used it in production scenarios, I’d be left high and dry.

    I welcome your response as soon as.


  12. I found a problem with the mobile top menu. Who can I talk to for help?

    The problem is the two of my top menu items have a default action, plus sub menu items. When the screen is small and the menu go into mobile-mode, the top menu default action is no longer accessible. A click displays the submenu items and the default action is not available.

    I think the fix is to either have the menu items be hoverable with a click executing the default action, the same as non-mobile mode, or the default menu becomes an additional item in the submenu, but only for mobile mode.

    Just my thoughts,
    David R

  13. Love, love, love this theme!! I have a quick question about sub navigation: I am using sub navigation on the side for pages with children. I need to show a link back to the parent page (a lot like ‘show_home’, except I don’t want it to link to the home page, I want it to link to the parent page). How would I go about doing that?

    Thank you so much and keep up the excellent work!! I love Zurb’s “less is more” approach, and this theme is by far the best I have seen for integrating Foundation with WordPress.

  14. metavurt on said:

    @mary — that’s more a wp-centric question and if I understand you correctly, then you can do this:

    global $wp_query;
    if ($post->post_parent != 0){
    $currPID = $post->post_parent;

    that will get you the current parent of the post you’re currently viewing on any page that’s a child of a parent. Make sense?

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