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We discontinue development of the required+ Foundation theme – here is why.×

We are excited to announce the first release of our parent theme required+ Foundtion, a WordPress theme based on the fantastic Foundation framework. Let us explain what it’s all about.

About required+ Foundation

It’s a free parent theme for WordPress implementing the fantastic features Foundation framework offers. We know that there are already a couple of Foundation based themes available, but we took it to the next level. Not only will you get the parent theme and sample child theme to get you started in no time, but also the following:

Why did we build it?

Foundation was out and we started using it to rapidly craft interactive and responsive prototypes for different projects we were working on at the time. A bunch of us working on WordPress projects most of the time were searching for a flexible and responsive starter theme, that’s when we decided to build our own.

The first internal version was out and powering the first client sites when Foundation 2 was still hot. We kept improving, redefining what should be part of the theme and what not. After building a bunch of client sites and pushing things further we are finally confident, to give this thing back to you and the community. Build something awesome →

A little bit about required+

We are a network of experienced web professionals from Switzerland and Germany, focusing on Interaction Design, Mobile Web, WordPress and some other things like custom web apps (PHP or Phyton). We came up with a couple of products in the past and have tons of ideas to build some more.

  • facturandum – Incoive like a rockstar!
  • Freshjobs – a job board for web related jobs in Switzerland

Make sure to follow us on Twitter @wearerequired or get in touch with us if you have questions or feedback regarding required+ Foundation. We love to hear from you and your experience with it.

– required+ Team

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