We discontinue development of the required+ Foundation theme – here is why.×

Full Documentation

Reading the manual isn’t for you? Have a look at our documentation and we swear you are going to love it. Easy to learn and filled with code examples, helping you build something awesome.

We documented all the features of required+ Foundation and eventually wrote a blog post about the feature you wish to implement, but just don’t know how.

required+ Foundation Docs →

Built on Foundation

Be sure to read the fantastic Foundation Docs to get the most out of the framework. All the features in the Foundation docs are available in the required+ Foundation theme.

Foundation Docs →

Commented Code

In addition to our documentation, we tried to comment our code so you will find out what’s going on in no time. Our lead developer usually forgets what he wrote in no time, so thank him for the docs. Check out the comments by downloading a copy or head over to Github and dig through the code first.

Flexible layout options

With the power of page templates you gain flexibility in terms of layout and functionality. Your child theme profits from the same page layout possibilities and you can easily change them, learn how.

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